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Equiso Standard & Pro issues...
17-01-2013, 03:44 PM
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Sad Equiso Standard & Pro issues...
Figured I'd start this thread instead of adding it to the others where it could get lost. This isn't a tech support thread but more of an info gathering one so these issues can be addressed or tested on the in-house model we have.

I'm going to comb through the problem threads and make a list of what needs to be addressed still and send that on to Adam & Jeff.

Things I'm currently aware of:
  • Video quality issues with Netflix and possibly other media apps (codec issue perhaps)
  • HBO Go, and possibly others, now block HDMI out in just the Pro's and require a modified .apk to workaround it
  • Wifi performance seems poor depending on router and if the stick is plugged into the HDMI port directly or with a dongle
  • Google Play store errors
  • Some TV's are not displaying video at all
  • Firmware needs serious work
As stated in a previous thread, the blue LED on the pro's doesn't act the same as the standards. When it's booting it will flash, and once at the homescreen it remains off.

With the Google Play store I found you need to let it update before you start downloading stuff from it. I had let my friend use a standard Equiso a month back to see how intuitive it was. When he was signing into the Play store he hit something that skipped past the update prompt and we got errors when trying to download anything the whole time. I did a restore, signed in under my own account, and it worked fine.

Not every TV out there can output enough power to run the stick solely off the HDMI port or the TV's USB port. Everyone should first test that the unit works properly by running it while plugged into the a/c adapter. My 6yr old Sony 32" Bravia can't provide enough power, my g/f's 2yr old 32" Samsung doesn't throw enough power out of the USB port to let a standard model boot (it just continues to reboot itself) and my parents 3yr old 55" Panasonic doesn't power it up either. So all 3 of those tv's require the Equiso to be plugged into an a/c power source to run properly.

For those of you who are trying on multiple tv's and still having issues with some sets. Make sure there are no screws or plastic trim preventing a solid connection. On the test TV here, a Visio, there's a screw that's right next to the HDMI port we use. The Pro's are a bigger stick and it hits the screw when the standards didn't, but it's not effecting the connection. Try using an HDMI extension to ensure it's inserted securely.

So, please respond below only if you're having problems on stock firmware. And to keep it organized and easy please use this format:

TV brand/model:
Router brand/model/wifi settings:(B/G/N, Ch. 6. WPA2, etc)
Apps that you are experiencing issues with:
Problems experienced:

Tech support should be directed to for individual inquiries. This is a quick way to get some detailed info from some power users. Sorry some of you are having some issues and hopefully this helps get them sorted quickly at the firmware level. That's been my biggest concern as well and I've been vocal about it.


Former graphic designer for Equiso. We were held back from helping you.

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