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Review of Testing Equiso!
02-11-2012, 01:30 AM (This post was last modified: 02-11-2012 02:50 AM by JohnnyCau.)
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Review of Testing Equiso!
Hey guys, I just finished testing the Equiso on everything I could think of. I wanted to see exactly what changes between the stock firmware and the beta release and the next update we'll hopefully get, so I started with the stock one. (It's rooted)


Sistem benchmarks:

Here's the screenshot of the result made with Antutu Benchmark:
(Actually I made two tests. The first one is the normal test [2499], while the second was for "fun" and curiosity. It made almost 2900 because I unplugged the Equiso from the HDMI port)

[Image: Ol8Ug.png]

[Image: r5LQh.jpg]

Wifi Benchmark:

We all know wifi is not great yet and gives us problems if we place equiso too far from our router.
For this one I made two benchmarks: one with the Equiso and one with my Galaxy S2 using on both Wifi Analyzer. They were very close as you can see from the picture I took, at the same distance from the router: 3 meters (10ft). (btw, time is not the same cos on Equiso it kept setting the clock wrong)

[Image: ta9fU.jpg]

[Image: 9oFIq.jpg]

I expected something like this since sgs2 has real good antennas, but I hope this issue on equiso gets fixed soon.
Here's the download/upload speed test made with app/website with all three devices at the same distance from router:

Notebook: 13.000 Kbps Down / 920 Kbps Up
Galaxy S2: 13.000 Kbps Down / 1000 Kbps UP
Equiso: an average of 8000 Kbps Down / 1000 Kbps UP (screenshot)

[Image: VfxsW.png]

Other Benchmarks:

Here are two other benchmarks I made with Equiso. The first one made with ATTO Disk Benchmark is a read/write speed test using the equiso as usb mass storage. Even here, it is a bit slow...
Remember, as other members on this forum already said, the USB cable sent with the Equiso is NOT a data cable. It is not pinned for that. It can only provide power. So you need to use another micro USB cable, like those that many smartphones use.

The second is a screenshot made to a network utilization graph while coping a file from Windows to Equiso via LAN/WLAN ( I have shared folders on windows 7 and I take contents from those on Android using ES File Explorer)

[Image: YfGCk.png]

[Image: a1nIP.png]

Here are all the devices I tested in the USB port as "USB Host"

Webcam: NO Audio, NO Video (Tested with a cheap logitech webcam)
Keyboard: YES
Wireless Mouse: YES
USB Mass Storage: YES [FAT32 only] (the folder is in /mnt/usb_sda1)

For now, just like the webcam, Remote's sensors (gyro and accelerometer) cannot be used as system's sensors. It would actually be cool to have that, especially for games. When I asked equiso about this they told me it was possible to "set" or something in the firmware. Really hope they make it.


Music Player: The stock music player seems quite simple. Nothing special. If you launch it from the audio file, it only show a small window and I think it is not possible to play it in background unless you launch the app first. Not a big deal. There are tons of players on the Play Store.

Video Players: I don't really like the stock video players and as many here have already done I've installed MX Player. It handles HD and Full HD contents well. It lags really a lot when playing heavy Full HD WMV files. (though the others just crash on that).
I also tried playing a MKV HD 720p with AC-3 audio (6 channels) movie with subtitles and got no problem.
I suggest if you haven't tested it yet, to choose video decode H/W (hardware) but not the H/W+ because it lags a bit. (not sure why yet). And when playing contents with AC-3 audio, set the S/W (software) audio decode, otherwise it won't be able to play it. I also installed the MX Player Codec (ARMv7)

XBMC: It works. I installed the latest NEON build. The interface lags a bit when loading but not a big deal. Tried HD (mkv file) and Full HD (small mp4 files) contents and they are very hard to play. Lag too much. Unfortunately also SD contents lags a bit.
Not yet possible to add to our library LAN-shared content. (while this is possible in the windows version)

Youtube: Works good.Takes some time to load the home interface and lags a bit when scrolling all videos, but when playing it is great, even with HD videos.

Play Store: Takes some time to load the home this too. I find more convenient to install apps from my computer. Sync is very fast.

File Explorer: Haven't tried the stock one, but I advise using ES File Explorer.

Games: I tested Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds Space. They both lag a bit. And well, at least for those two I found hard to play with the remote, especially Fruit Ninja.



Video Output: I set it to work as 1920x1080p 60Hz as my monitor has full hd screen. But it won't produce a sharp interface. Actually I think even if the option stayed set at 1080p, I was still getting a 720p output...
At 1080p output unfortunately it was flashing the screen sometimes.

Wifi Direct: Now this is something I haven't understood quite well. As far as I remember the Wifi Direct option was not reached with the Stretched Goals... and yet I found it on my settings, and tried to use it. I sort of managed to connect my Galaxy S2 with the Equiso with the Wifi Direct. Though I wasn't able to send anything from one to another, but since it is (apparently) software dependent I think Equiso could implement (or adjust) it in their next updates.

I already made a few tests with the remote a few days ago working with other devices. You can find it in here .
Also, when testing it I found out it's second function, which is the IR remote. I sort of remember Equiso saying they would install it on the remote and while I was waiting them to give us the manual to program it I manage to do it myself. So I'll make a guide to do it on yours too right now. Gonna update soon!

I hope you like my review of the testing on equiso.

UPDATE: Just made the guide for the IR function: [Guide] Program IR Remote to control your TV

JohnnyCau, proud to be a member of Equiso Forum - Discussion Forums for the Equiso Smart TV since Oct 2012.
02-11-2012, 08:20 AM
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Re: Review of Testing Equiso!
Excellent and detailed review. Thumbs up.

Did you tried blkc's latest build prop tweak. I am sure you will get some improvement.

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