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[TIPS/TRICKS] Improve Equiso performance+ / get more space on /system [Updated]
16-12-2012, 06:43 PM (This post was last modified: 05-03-2013 03:59 PM by Veronica.)
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[TIPS/TRICKS] Improve Equiso performance+ / get more space on /system [Updated]
So i decided to play a little bit more with the Equiso and Titanium Backup FREEZE tool and ended up having great results.

1. Below are the apps that i have frozen using Titanium Backup with great success without breaking anything - the reason of this is because i rather freeze apps than remove system apps that may brick my device that has no recovery.

You get more free RAM, better multitasking, performance and responsiveness.

* DO NOT freeze stock Launcher if you don't have other launcher installed
* You can also freeze apps that you barely use (i did with Hotspot Shield app) and unfreeze it when you need it.
* There are many apps that load each time you boot up the equiso and run in the background, the more apps the more time will take this device to boot up in order to use it.
eg:. Hotspot shield does not have an option to not boot at start and it is always running in the background, you can see the notification icon in the status bar all the time and in order to close it you have to open the app and manually press exit button. It is why i froze it plus i don't use it often.
[Image: shot_000029.png] [Image: shot_000030.png]
2. Here i'll be posting a list of /system apps that are safe to remove - if you have removed a system app that is not in this list without breaking anything (getting errors) then post it up.

It's always beneficial when you gain more free space in /system partition, and it only gets better if you "freeze" system processes that aren't needed (this is a smart tv stick not a smartphone or tablet with bluetooth, data, sms, mms, phone, gps, etc capabilities)

Calculator.apk - Calculator. Safe to remove
Calendar.apk - Calendar. Safe to remove
CalendarProvider.apk - Sync system for calendar. Safe to remove
Email.apk - Safe to remove
Exchange Services - Safe to remove

LiveWallpapers.apk - Live Wallpapers. Safe to remove
LiveWallpapersPicker.apk - Live Wallpapers Picker. Safe to remove if you don't use Live Wallpapers

Music.apk - Music Player. Safe to remove
PhaseBeam.apk - Live Wallpapers. Safe to remove
Pico Tts.apk - Text to speech. Safe to remove, but needed by Google Maps
Provision.apk - New phone setup wizard. Should be safe to remove
tcfilemanager.apk - File Manager. Safe to remove
QuickSearchBox.apk - Search box widget. Safe to remove but may break the search button

VideoEditor.apk - Safe to remove
VideoPlayer.apk- Safe to remove
VisualizationWallpapers.apk - Live Wallpapers. Safe to remove

WAPPushManager.apk - Tethering connectivity. Safe to remove if you don't use tethering/access point mode

~ V

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