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Full Version: Anyone know how to return to standard Android input mode?
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So I bought an Equiso from Walmart yesterday. After playing around with it on the TV last night I decided to see how it would react to my touchscreen monitor (ACER T231H). To my surprise both audio and TOUCH worked!!

So now I am tempted by a 23" Android Monitor, but I have one issue...

For instance, when I start up and click on an app an input circle shows up in the center of the screen. I can drag this circle around the screen and select what I want, but this is rather annoying.

So I would like to now if anyone would have an idea on how to revert back to a standard android touch interface? I have checked settings for anything unusual but found nothing. I have not rooted yet because I am unsure if the Walmart version is a Pro or Standard or something different.

Thanks for any help you may provide
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