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Full Version: Xbox One - Microsoft's next-generation video game console. Are you disappointed?
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So yesterday 21st May, 2013 Microsoft launched their next-generation video game console called Xbox One aka Xbox 720. I watch the whole live event from xbox.com. I was excited all the time but 15 mins after the live event was over, I felt sad and disappointed actually. I thought about what was shown on that even and what it's all about and what most important thing it missed.

Xbox one is more of a HD entertainment tv box with gaming feature..they focused more on Skype and tv technology. The purpose should be gaming and only gaming. If I had to use Skype and watch tv, then what is smart tv for? No wonder Microsoft stock went down today because investors are not impressed.

Microsoft’s stock is down 0.66 percent. Sony shares up 9 percent, coincidentally just after Microsoft announced its answer to the Sony Playstation 4.

So far ps4 features like one button game video share, touch pad which was revealed a month ago is on gaming console track. It's just a matter of time when PS4 will reveal on E3 and bash Xbox One in terms of gaming experience. Can't wait.

So What are your thoughts on Xbox One?
They are aiming for people like me - who would never consider gaming on a console, but would love a powerful media experience. I have to say it is interesting to me, particularly voice and gesture control. Kinect would be great for the kids etc and compatibility with existing Windows systems around the place is a plus.

I think this will get the Xbox into a lot more living rooms than previously.

[Edit] - Also, I think Smart TV's and their miniscule ecosystems in comparison to Windows/Xbox/Android/Apple will become unpopular and dwindle in use. I don't have a super fancy smart TV or anything but the "Smart TV" that I do have comes with Skype app etc but it would never compare to a rich UI that could be provided by a powerful device like the Xbox One.
Well nice, realy nice ,,,, actualy i realy love xbox gaming....!
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