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Full Version: Xbmc alternative for streams
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Hi everyone,

just thought I'd share with everyone with an Equiso what my experience has been and what apps I've found to work well for me.

When I first got the Equiso I was a little let down by the product, but understanding that it is in its infancy and development stage I let that go. My main usage for it was to basically use it as a portable XBMC device, but with my efforts I was unable of getting video streaming to work as well as I would like, plus the not responding warning was seriously getting on my nerves.

So I looked for alternatives and found the best solution for myself and hopefully for some other people as well. Looking on the XBMC thread that is already on here I saw a link to a developer who was getting xbmc to use an external video player called DicePlayer.

DicePlayer I have found to be much better than MX player or VPlayer in playing streams as it uses hardware encoding in a better way.


Along with DicePlayer I have bought two apps from the Play Store to use instead of XBMC, these are

Amo Navi-x

TV Stream

As these apps work perfectly with DicePlayer I have been amazed by the results, 720p streams working with hardware encoding no buffering and no problems.

Anyway thats what Ive been doing with my Equiso and hopefully it be of use to someone.

BTW my Equiso is also on the beta firmware just incase that makes a difference.
Thanks for the heads-up, @garethj7. I just tried the apps on my Android tablet. I was disappointed with TV Stream (you can't avoid paying for service), but Amo Navi-X works well. I didn't notice any advantage of DicePlayer over MX Player. They're both excellent.
No problems Jeff, yes I did think about not paying for TV Streams but at under £1 and its going to get a massive update around the 18th November which will higher the cost you cant go wrong really.

In terms of DicePlayer and MX player I use MX on my Nexus 7 and S3 and it runs perfectly I just didn't like the way it would hardware encode videos on the Equiso and DicePlayer seemed to run much smoother.
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