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Full Version: HELP! EQUISO PRO won't boot.
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My Pro was working fine until, in the middle of opening an app, it crashed to the boot screen. Since then, the spinning boot icon keeps spinning, but it will not boot.

Is there anything I can do, or is my Pro dead and gone?
If you can't re-flash it via whatever method is currently available I do not know what your recourse would be.

I'd highly suggest against sending it in because from I've seen they don't have any infrastructure going on as far as support or shipping. After he kicked us out the company has yet to do anything it seems.
Two options:

1)Get rom image and burn to microsd

2) Load linux and setup fastboot to reload partitions

Thanks for continuing to lurk here! I submitted a ticket on the Equiso support page, and David Thompson advised me to send it in to their Carlsbad CA office for a replacement. I can keep the Equiso remote, dongle and power supply. So, they appear to have the support "infrastructure".


Thanks fof the suggestions. Do you have any links to detailed instructions? I would like to try to re-flash the July ROM, if I can find a step-by-step procedure. If I screw up, I can send it in for replacement.
Dont recall if i posted a howto or not. However, it depends if you have a ubuntu (linux) laptop or computer. You need to install android sdk (adb and fastboot) if you get that working then I can send you a link to my rom dump. Im in between moving houses so I would have to find my Equiso. Let me know if u complete task 1 first.
Thanks, @blkcamarozr28.

I'm too lazy to go through that again. I gave up and sent my Pro back to Equiso for replacement/exchange.

Meantime I'll survive with my WDTV Live, my quad-core Android box and my Google TV.

I mailed my Pro from Beloeil, Qu├ębec, on 24 October. On 30 October, Equiso acknowledged reception and promised they would send replacement within 2 weeks.

In other news, Canada Post says my Chromecast has arrived in Beloeil. Woot!
I finally received my replacement retail Equiso 5 weeks after my dead Kickstarter Pro was received in Irvine, California. It is working fine so far. Much more useful than my Chromecast!
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