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Full Version: Equiso Play new game console?
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Just got this in email. Hopefully their open source is better then what we got on the standard, pro, walmart retail version. Dodgy


I hope you're having an awesome day. Eight years ago, we had a vision and started it on SourceForge: an open source gaming console. It’s finally ready. 

Equiso Play brings you AAA games such as Call of Duty and Need for Speed at an affordable price ($99). We’ve crammed in a ton of features to bring great performance and the ability to play the latest games in 1080p. Equiso Play allows you to mirror your Android or iOS smartphone, tablet and Apple desktop so you can use your TV as a second – larger – screen for apps, games and movies with Netflix, Hulu and so much more. As a bonus, we provide you all the source code and drivers to install Linux and custom ROMs, making Equiso Play a truly open source console.
Rewind real quick to June 2012 when 2,703 of you made our Android-powered Equiso SmartTV Stick a success. We loved working with you to create and deliver a retail consumer product. Supporting an early stage Kickstarter project can be a bumpy ride and we thank you for being patient, daring and part of our vision. We learned a lot about what works and what we needed to do better. Thanks to you, we now have the chance to bring another idea to life.
We’d love for you to be a part of the next gaming revolution. To do this, we need your help getting Equiso Play from the drawing board into your hands.

As we anticipate the go-ahead from Kickstarter, we have each and every one of you in mind. To show our depth of gratitude, we have exactly 2,703 early bird specials just for you.
As soon we hit that big green ‘live’ button, we’ll send you the link.
In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. Questions? Curiosities? Excitement? Zip it over to us: hello@equiso.com.
From the bottom of our gaming guru hearts, please join us on this journey and thank you, thank you, thank you.
I got the same emails...so has hell froze over?
I'm sure I want to back this piece of shit so that I can be put off for months with excuses and lies while he runs off with the money after delivering a crap product.
Last time I saw an equiso, was a stack of them in the clearance bin at Walmart for $10
I got an email as well... Its already live on kickstarter...

I didn't get any device for beta tester.... Anyone got?
Dear Equiso
Once bitten twice shy!
While I am sure that a lot of the disappointment that met your previous offering was not totally justified, too many people don't understand the difference between buying a product and supporting a project through kickstarter, you must be kidding yourselves if you are counting on your previous backers shelling out again on the basis of, more, vague promises.
You still haven't realised the technical development that you promised for the equiso stick. It can still just about be used to play some very simple games and, sometimes, to stream media to a TV, but it has never come close to meeting the goals that were proclaimed with so much enthusiasm when you launched the stick.
Good luck with the 'open source' nature of your new product but to be honest I can order equivalent product with comparative specs for a lower price, not later this year but today, and hack it myself.
Dudes (and dudettes) you blew it!Equiso is, for many android enthusiasts, now synonymous with Chinese designed and manufactured product, with little to no tech development, a higher price, a funky Western name and an address in California.
Thanks but no thanks. If I really want to buy more android boxes/sticks I'll wait till the Chinese factories are churning them out with even better specs at a lower price and order direct from them.
Odd, I didn't get an email...
If anyone wants to try the "elite" before next year when equiso actually ships
looks like adam is up to his old tricks of having friends and family sign in to kickstarter to show support for his company pretending to be new users.
Ah, HELL...

They're trying to do a SteamBox. Seriously. That's the only way you're getting an "open source" console- and Valve's doing most of the load-lifting with people like myself doing much of the rest of it.


(30-03-2014 12:13 AM)gedi223 Wrote: [ -> ]lol
looks like adam is up to his old tricks of having friends and family sign in to kickstarter to show support for his company pretending to be new users.
Once a con-artist, always a con-artist. Adam...keep your crap. I'll bet we could manage better than this (I know *I* can) .

(27-03-2014 12:03 AM)EquisoGD_John Wrote: [ -> ]Odd, I didn't get an email...
Would you *WANT* one from them after the games and lies they played you with?

Hell, you can't even report the liars to Kickstarter as a fraudulent project.

Good LORD. There's fools pledging money for this. It's got poorer specs than the Ouya or the MOJO.

(28-03-2014 03:25 AM)gedi223 Wrote: [ -> ]If anyone wants to try the "elite" before next year when equiso actually ships
It was actually on my short list as replacement units for the the Retail units I have. While I can (and have) made mine more useful, and intend on doing a bit more to share some of that with everyone- it was a freakin' ripoff that they pulled there. And this is not going to do what he's claiming it's going to. MadCatz' MOJO's got better odds on that score and if you don't stick with Android, Valve's got your back with an X86 solution that *DOES* work.
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