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Full Version: Manufacturer of Equiso Stick and Remote
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Here are additional information supporting snowking's nice find that the Equiso stick and Equiso remote are from Uptek International Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China.

This is the Equiso remote, model AR03, shown on this Uptek webpage:

This is the Equiso stick shown on this Uptek product ad:

Equiso firmware had shown Linux version 3.0.8-tcc (lajoin@lajoin-ws1). The lajoin points directly back to Uptek International Co with Uptek calling their optimized Android OS their LAJOIN Android OS. You can read that here on Uptek's main website:

Equiso had a kickstarter stretch goal of $250,000 where they would had included WI-FI direct. Here is a webpage where Uptek talked about being the first company to have developed WI-FI direct for an Android stick product:

Equiso Official Update #20 talk about an upcoming beta driver supporting 6 axis use for games. On Uptek's website, Uptek talked about their development support for multiple axis remote for games.

For those waiting on the Equiso PRO, Uptek's website does also have information about a dual core, bluetooth Android stick they are developing based on the Nufront NS115 Cortex-A9 Dual-core 1.2GHz CPU. So there is a possibility that the PRO could be based off this one.
This makes you wonder what the added value of equiso as a company is. We've invested in a startup but all they had to do was negotiate price and move boxes (which they paid a fulfillment company to do for them).
Yes, and it also makes us wonder why Kickstarter would allow such an unoriginal, uncreative project on board!
I'm not surprised since the configs have references to China in them.
I wonder if uptek has source files or updates?
Aah! This explains everything!

From Adam McBride on Kickstarter 14 January 2013:
" Uptek has been part of Equiso before the kickstarter campaign, it has been great to bring them in house. We decided to merge Uptek with Equiso because they had a great team and it made sense to have part of our company in China. Yes we have a team in China. As well as a team in India and the US. We also work with chipset manufacturers on development. If you would like to learn more about our China office or want a tour of our office in Shenzhen you can email kristy@equiso.com or kristy@uptek.com.cn. In our roadmap we are slowly fading away the Uptek name since they are now part of Equiso.

- Adam"

So, Uptek is Equiso, and Equiso is Uptek. We weren't backing a small US startup enterprise after all, we were funding a new product by a minor player in Shenzhen.

Do you believe that?
Finally got a response on kickstarter lol. I guess they had no choice but to respond on UpTek. Funny thing is nothing is changing. Still no software updates and more promises on new features.

As the saying goes you can polish a turd all you want but at the end of the day it still a turd.
fact is, we got screwed over. at least the PRO buyers got a mostly functional device. Us STD buyers just got royally f...ed. The fact that Equiso doesn't even answer our questions about when a decent firmware will be released and instead makes only vague and futile promises shows what kind of company they are. I just hope they get what they deserve...
On January 20th, Forum member @EquisoDumbTV shared the results of his investigation:

"Adam lies again. I contacted Uptek to find out if his claims were true. Uptek said that Adam is one of several distributors for their product. They do not have any exclusive agreement with Equiso and are not working in house. If anything, Adam is working for them and just rebranded the Uptek stick with an Equiso logo.

Throwing some light on this shade."

To which Adam McBride replied
" I don't know who "EquisoDumbTV" is. From the looks of it, it seems they are a competitor as they registered on the forum today and that one post is the only post they have. Seems suspicious. If you want to confirm it straight from the source I suggest you email kristy@equiso.com or her old email at kristy@uptek.com.cn. It seems some people or competitors are really out to bring down Equiso. We are working really hard to bring you guys more updates and better software. We are currently in China working with the factories to lower down our defect rate and make happy backers. The reality is if we really wanted to run and take off with people's money, we wouldn't still be working so hard on making a better product. We would have moved on to something else. We are very passionate about Equiso and will continue to work hard. People can continue to sling mud. It doesn't do anything to make the Equiso better. We could also be wasting our time getting involved in the mud slinging, but it just wastes time and nothing gets done in the end. We welcome our backers to constructively tell us shipping is slow, or that a certain bug in the system really irritates them. It's comments like these that help us fix what is wrong.Thanks!
- Adam"

So, who are you, anyway, @EquisoDumbTV?
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