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Full Version: TVLauncher Pro
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TVLauncher Pro turns your Equiso's standard Android User Interface into a Smart TV interface, much easier to use on the TV screen.
The app is under active development by Samyboy89 on FreakTab:
Thanks for the the launcher, think its going to work great.

I also grabbed a few more to try later when I get home:

Since we have no need for an on screen keyboard:

May opt to go with paid version with many more features:

Then finally to hide the stupid notification bars:

Trying to make this run plex/xbmc when i get around to it.....anyone else have any app suggestions for that in mind?
Thanks for the heads up on TVLauncher Pro. It's a fantastic looking launcher and really makes Android on the TV look great. It has the ability to hide the status bar if you're rooted (not sure how to root the Equiso Pro I just got), so there's no need for a different app to do that.
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