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Full Version: Can someone pull the stock build.prop from a Pro for me please?
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I didn't back mine up before applying the modded one from here. Can someone please pull one from a stock Pro and post it? Thanks in advance. ^^;
Sorry, I don't have mine yet, johnequickiii. But tell us, does the edited build.prop improve anything on your Pro?
Well... There are a lot of speed improvements that I did notice. I didn't delve too deeply into it though after I noticed a red border surround the screen when I chose certain options from the options menu, and there is now a lock screen with clock when it's turned on.

I didn't think before I switched the build.prop, but that one was written for the standard, not the Pro.
Haven't gotten my pro yet so I can't compare the build.prop that I created for the standard. However, do a factory reset and you should go back to stock. Dump it and send it to me and I can make a new one. There are some minor changes i have in mind for the pro. So, don't run the standard build.prop on the pro for now.
I actually did a factory reset on it, twice, and it still didn't go back to the stock one. I thought it would, but no go.
Just got my Pro. Didn't even plug it into the TV yet and its rooted and dumped. More to come! Smile

Does it matter how I went about rooting it?
Shouldn't. How did you root it? Also, I've posted the stock build.prop and there us a modified one in my Sig for the pro.
I just ended up rooting it with the standard method. Worked first time.

I pushed the stock build.prop without incident. Gonna push your modded one when I get back home.
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