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Full Version: [Fix Pro] Google Play login problem
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Here's a fix that seems to work for users who can't login to Google Play.

Goto Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store > Clear data

Click Google Play Store on main home screen and you should see it upgrading.

[Image: busarusu.jpg]

[Image: 9ydebyve.jpg]

[Image: 7agu3uva.jpg]
Excellent. Sticky
I've also encountered where clearing the cache still causes some weirdness. The only two options at that point are to either factory reset or add 2nd gmail account to your device. It seems that when Google play goes wonky the account sync is mucked up but your able to browse for apps, its just that you cant download them. The bad thing is you cant delete the primary account and factory reset is your only option or use the workaround below.

*Option other then factory reset is to add another google (Gmail) account
Settings->Personal->Accounts & Sync->Add Account
Once you add this 2nd gmail account in Google it seems to get everything resync'd and your able to download apps again. Big Grin

This may help also. (Root required)

Fix is from Devious that was later added into the Std Equsio beta release. I noticed the Pro's were missing the same file.

Original Thread by Devious:

Download GoogleLoginService.apk from http://goo.gl/guIQX

Place a copy of GoogleLoginService.apk in the /SYSTEM/APPS/ folder on
you equiso using ADB or a file manager like Root Explorer.

Restart your equiso and enjoy the Google apps that previously only crashed.
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