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Full Version: Which app, if any, will help play this stream?
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This is the stream I'm trying to open. http://www.tvfeeds.net/channel.php?id=6

Is there an app I can just put this address into to play it, or perhaps some way to find the actual stream address to use it in XBMC in a .strm file?

Any help would be much appreciated. ^^;
Sorry to bump. Just really looking for a solution to this. Both the stock browser and Firefox play it pretty choppy.
The link doesn't work, at least not here in Canada. I tried links from the home page:

and they 404, too.
Which is the weirdest thing, because I'm currently playing Cartoon Network from their page on my computer, but when I try to go to the homepage, it does 404. Weird. lol
This one works, or at least should. lol


It's Stream 1. It'll auto load when the page is opened.
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