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Full Version: Pro: CPU Governor & enable Hardware GPU [Root Required]
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SuperUser (Root) Required

Set CPU Governor from Conservation to Performance
Noticed that the Pro unit's CPU Governor is set at Conservative. This is probably why the unit runs a bit sluggish. There are many ways to change the Governor but I use SetCPU.

Install SetCpu
Allow SetCpu SuperUser access rights
Check *Set on Boot
Change Scaling: Performance
Done Big Grin
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==Free for XDA Members - Older version v2.2.4 or you can purchase the v3.x from Google play==

For more on cpu governors check out XDA:


A slower Ondemand which scales up slowly to save battery. The
conservative governor is based on the ondemand governor. It functions
like the Ondemand governor by dynamically adjusting frequencies based on
processor utilization. However, the conservative governor increases and
decreases CPU speed more gradually. Simply put, this governor increases
the frequency step by step on CPU load and jumps to lowest frequency on
CPU idle. Conservative governor aims to dynamically adjust the CPU
frequency to current utilization, without jumping to max frequency. The
sampling_down_factor value acts as a negative multiplier of
sampling_rate to reduce the frequency that the scheduler samples the CPU
utilization. For example, if sampling_rate equal to 20,000 and
sampling_down_factor is 2, the governor samples the CPU utilization
every 40,000 microseconds.


Sets min frequency as max frequency. Use this while benchmarking!

Disable CPU Rendering (GPU ONLY)

The other tweak is disabling CPU Rendering which forces the device to only use the GPU.
This can be done by editing your egl.cfg file located in /system/lib/egl/egl.cfg.

I like ADB so here's how i do it but you can do it via Root Explorer or any root editor.

adb pull /system/lib/egl/egl.cfg *Downloads a copy of your stock egl.cfg file to your computer
edit the egl.cfg file by commenting out "0 0 android" in the egl.cfg with "#0 0 android". Save
adb remount
adb push egl.cfg /system/lib/egl
reboot and your done. Smile
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This is great information, but one should take care to do this. While the Equisos were apparently seriously crippled by setting the conservative Linux speed governor setting, it should be noted that they did this for a reason...namely that their thermal management solution SUCKED.

More will be forthcoming shortly in the other areas of the board- I plan on doing a teardown of the HDMI stick and show my own case mods that resulted from the same... Once I find a smidge more time here.
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