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Full Version: Sky Go
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I'm a subscriber to Sky Tv UK, and had a thought about if i could download the app and stream it to another TV in the house so i could watch two different channel's on different TV's.

App installed fine, but once i click a channel it's giving me an error of 'Please remove the HDMI connection to continue using this Application'
Anyone know a way around this? Or have Sky figured out these 'Smart Tv' device's? Sad
did you tried that with other android tablet or device before?

I hope someone from UK can help you.
Sky actually prohibit the use of an HDMI connector with their app. Disappointing I know...
Tried this last night and the app still installs ok but its now saying device not compatible when you try to put your sign in details. Seems a bit lame of sky seeing as you can now pay extra for the upgraded sky go service.
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