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Full Version: Anyone know how to fix remote defects?
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So I've been using my Equiso, and, while it's been a bit disappointing after the various claims on KS which led me to back it, it was mostly working, after some tweaks. But today, the usb port on the remote seems to have pushed in. I gather this has happened to others, and I'm guessing, based on everything I read, that there's going to be no replacement from Equiso (although please, Equiso, feel free to prove me wrong!) So anyone have any suggestions on how best to open this so I can try to reposition the usb? Thanks!

Update: Opened it, and discovered that it's not just a matter of an insecure mooring; apparently the solder connections were what were holding the port in place. When I tried putting the usb in place and repositioning the port, I got nothing. So I'm guessing I get to declare my Equiso experience over. Hm.

I wonder if my Ubi will be able to run Netflix?
get yourself an air mouse from ebay for $20usd.
Yeah, I'm looking into those. Just feeling extra gypped that now I have to invest more to make this continue functioning....at least, as much as it ever functioned. I may have charged it a whole 5 times before this normal, required use caused it to break. Irksome. [Image: PnTfO.gif]
Then cheap solution is plugin your pc USB mouse and keyboard. Save money for mk808

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Heh. I haven't had a desktop since pre-USB. Ah well. Guess I'll just bite the bullet.

I'd try soldering, but I'm having a hard time positioning it in such a way as to even get a connection.
Get some good soldering flux.

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Can anyone advise which of these remotes can serve as an alternative for the Equiso-Pro remote? Huh
@unibrein: Both will work when you plug their own USB dongle into the Equiso. The RC11 is an air mouse, while the RC12 uses a touchpad. I've used them both, but not on the Equiso.
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