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Full Version: Slingplayer
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I got sling player to work. I tried the tablet version first but it crashes. I have been able to get the phone version to work. It will not however go to high definition without crashing. Better than nothing though.
Can you try the app aVia or MediaHouse?

I basically use that a lot to stream media from my pc to android device
Hey Jmm701 which slingplayer for phones you got to work like in Ver#.If you can share with us that will be great Smile
Slingplayer for phones 2.0.5 and Slingplayer for Tablets 3.0.5 both work for me on the standard quality setting.

Yeah as he said slingplayer for phones v.2.0.5 on standard quality only. I have tried the slingplayer for tablets v. 3.0.5 but it does not stream as smoothly as the phone version. Not sure why. Again neither version streams in HD. I am on the new beta build from November 16th.
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