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Full Version: Does GTA 3 run smoothly on Equiso Standard version?
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Guys can anyone confirm how's the GTA 3 run on Equiso Standard edition?

any video would help us.
How could you possibly play it without a touch screen?

It doesn't run. I installed it and downloaded the extra game content but when the game tries to launch it goes to a black screen for about 5 seconds then returns to the homescreen.
I see. so Mali 400 can't power GTA3.
(19-10-2012 07:04 PM)Niko Wrote: [ -> ]I see. so Mali 400 can't power GTA3.
He said you couldnt without a touchscreen, but the remote has arrows so it might be possible.
I always thought the Mali 400 was one of the top GPU's. But runs slowly on the Equiso (Cortex CPU is to blame).
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