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Full Version: Hacking Equiso
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Hi there,

I love the discussions on this forum. We definitely want to promote hacking of our device and promote new discoveries, tricks and hacks.

BTW: We are on the case of the Force Close bug and getting close to solving it Smile
@equiso_jeanine :
Why not be open about your change logs, etc. Instead of having us reverse engineer everything to find out what you guys did? If Equiso is so into the dev community why not give us a custom bootloader with recovery so we can do our own updates to the rom/kernel. Also, when is the offical rooted rom coming out with the 1Ghz unlocked processor that we all bought into?
Totally agree with blkc

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+1 full ack
Hacking without giving us any tools or help is not in your favour Jeanine.
months later, no change. Your credibility took a heavy blow Jeanine, deliver something soon or shame on you!
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