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Full Version: Holy Cow. Some Russian spammer posted around 658 post in few mins
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Just found forum was flooded with 658 post by use bopat. from Russia of course.
Deleted all post and make permanent ban. plus ip ban. plus full ip range ban.

Need to harden up the security from these spammers...

working on it.
Ip range band is a bit extreme. Have you implemented all the spamming features on the board yet? Toss in captcha for signs up and it might slow them a little. I think there are scripts to limit post counts per min too.
yeah there is solve media security from the beginning for sign up. I guess i have to select option hard.
there is also security question on signup page.

post limited to 30 or 60 sec i think..
i am blocking like this:
just now i blocked this one and its from Cameroon.
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